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Having Fun Staying Active and Fit

Posted by Dustin Vermast on


Who said older people cannot have fun and work out at the same time?

Most people assume that the older you get, the more inactive you become. This is not true. Some seniors look better and are more fit than most 20 something-year-olds these days. We came up with a list of easy and fun things to do that will keep you active without actually feeling like exercise.

There is no better and fun way to keep fit and have a swell time other than dancing. Don’t worry about not having a partner, most of the available dance classes are a singles affair. Why dance? Dancing helps improve both balance and gait.  It also has numerous benefits to your cardiovascular system. The increase in balance will reduce the number of falls. The best part is you don’t have to go far to get lessons. Check with your local senior or recreation center for details. It is also a fun way to meet other like-minded seniors.

2. Swimming
This probably may seem obvious to most of you, but it’s one of the best ways for seniors to exercise. The thing with swimming is that it involves total body movement. It improves both the upper and lower body.  You can participate in other swimming activities such as beach ball or indoor swimming handball. The water resistance means your body is doing more work with less strain on the muscles. Water aerobics has been proven to reduce pain in the lower back and improve your body composition.

3. Pull the bike out of the shed.
Seniors exercises need not be a group activity. Riding a bike can be relaxing and improve your body balance. It can be a cardio and weight workout for your lower body. Leg day doesn’t have to be hours in the gym attempting lunges. Biking is known to improve leg muscles and body balance.  It also improves mental focus as you decide which route to take and when to turn.  If you have a significant other a twin bike would also add a romantic feel to the ride.

4. Virtual Games.
If you’re not much of an outdoor person, then this is for you. Several companies have come up with virtual games where you can play games such as tennis or bowling. Senior exercise will be a lot easier if you can do it in the comfort of your home. Games such as Nintendo’s Wii Fit will provide an opportunity to do cardio and improve mental performance.

5. Play with the young ones.
Every grandparent will tell you there is no better feeling than spending time with their grandchildren. If a your exercise plan doesn’t work, get out to play with the kids. Chasing the little ones around is enough cardio for any person whether young or old.  It’s a fun way to get off the couch and moving around without it feeling like a workout. It has been proven that people put in more cardio doing activities they do not consider exercise in the first place.

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